Unusual and unique Belgrade: Places where alternative art doesn’t rest
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Unusual and unique Belgrade: Places where alternative art doesn’t rest

Nowadays you can find places in Belgrade that manage to survive even though they offer literary evenings, alternative jazz or experimental plays. If you’re one of those people who are always looking for more, if you’re searching for something that heightens all your senses and laces the usual sipping of your drink with a bit of creativity, then these unusual places are just for you!


Plays in the independent LE STUDIO theatre

Address: Poenkareova 26

Imagine a theatre where there is no boundary between the stage and the auditorium and the bar. This is exactly how Le Studio works. Just slouch back in the sofa and enjoy the play. It was exactly as Sanja Maljković, the production designer, told us before the beginning of the play: “We talk to the audience, we don’t narrate. Feel free to join in the conversation!”

belgrade unusual and unique places

As opposed to the other theatres where the audience and the actors say farewell when the curtain falls, here the after party is a must! The members of the audience can get a chance to have a drink with the actors, have a chat with them and at least for a moment delve into their world.


Laughter and satire in BEN AKIBA club

Address: Braće Krsmanović 6

You won’t find Branislav Nušić in this place, but you’ll definitely have a whale of a time with the most talented Serbian comedians. Ben Akiba is a stand-up club and bar that often organizes dark comedy nights or open mic shows.

belgrade unusual and unique places

The crew, with Milica Mihajlović running the show, has been promoting laughter and satire in the best possible way since 2010. The stage is not reserved only for Serbian jokesters, who often engage the audience in their shows, but is open to all the comedians from the countries of the former Yugoslavia. Even foreign performances from Sweden and Great Britain, which take place during the Stand-up Fest, are becoming more and more frequent. So if you enjoy a great belly laugh, a laugh that has you doubled over with giggles while you’re sipping your drink, then this is the place for you. Who knows, you may become venturous enough to grab the mike and step onto the stage!


Paintbrush and canvas at LEMON BERRY studio

Address: Andrićev venac 4

Do you know how to paint? This is of no importance whatsoever at Lemon Berry studio. This studio offers a new experience with a paintbrush, canvas, colours and an easel. It’s up to you to show how good or bad you are in this form of art.

belgrade unusual and unique places

They offer absolutely everything – from object painting to themed couples evenings. The studio is run by Marina and Gordana who will help you to hone your painting skills. If nothing else, you’ll definitely have a great time in a truly unique way while you’re listening to jazz, gorging on sweets and sipping wine.


Sculpturology and graffiti in CIGLANA: THE CLUB OF HEAVY INDUSTRY FANS

Address: Slanački put 26

Ciglana is hard to define. This is perhaps the closest thing that Belgrade has to offer for time travel. Ciglana is an abandoned complex, a sculpture studio, a meadow, a gallery, a heap of rubble and waste, a bar… It encompasses everything, because art can spring from anything!

At the place where the former brickyard “Trudbenik” used to stand are a sculpture studio of Viktor Kiš, who is the mastermind behind the whole project, a coffee gallery and “Art Depo” gallery set in one of the factory halls, which probably makes it the largest exhibition venue in the country.

belgrade unusual and unique places

Ciglana is proud to have the largest street art gallery in Serbia and projects such as Spajalica, Dev9t and CirkoBalkan.


Plays and the written word in POLET art gallery

Address: Cetinjska 15

Polet is one of those places that offer everything. Jazz is a part of Polet, as well as exhibitions. However, as you approach this place, which is located at the very end of Cetinjska 15, you’ll most probably hear words in silence.

belgrade unusual and unique places
by Nevena Marković

Sometimes it is a monodrama, sometimes reading of love poems and sometimes a presentation of the latest works of literature. The leading lights of Serbian theatre, such as Radoslav Milenković and Zoran Ćosić can often be seen on stage here.


Anime and cartoons in VENTIL bar

Address: Kapetan Mišina 14

The Transformers, The Brave Little Toaster, The Elm-Chanted Forest, Batman, Ninja Turtles. All the cartoons believed to be forgotten are regularly shown here every Tuesday and Wednesday.

belgrade unusual and unique places

Ventil bar is a small place in the typical Dorćol style that has a regular crew that is always ready to accept everyone who is willing to join them in remembering the famous cartoons.


Interactive exhibition in TESLA restaurant and museum

Address: Karađorđeva 21

You can hear so many things about Nikola Tesla and yet so little is known about him. Tesla restaurant is trying to build a concept that is about to change that altogether. This place offers dishes inspired by Tesla’s life stages – from his studies to the years when he became a scientist. You can even try Tesla’s favourite dishes, especially those made from apples.

belgrade unusual and unique places

The basement of the restaurant is a museum where you can get acquainted with the details of his life via a mobile application. One of these details include the fact that Mark Twain was his close friend and that he was obsessed with number 3. You can see some of his inventions and find out about some of his favourite activities with the aid of VR technology and holography.


Slam poetry of POEZIN organization

Address: A number of clubs in the city

Poezin organization is responsible for the development of slam in our country – an artistic, poetic style that is performed on the open stage in the form of a competition.

belgrade unusual and unique places

This poetic contest requires no previous experience. All you need is talent, creativity and the balls to step in front of the people and recite in a way that is often comic and more than often serious criticism of society. You can find them in Polet art gallery, club “Petak” and many other places. We suggest that you follow them on social networks where they regularly post the time and venue of their forthcoming performances.


Craftsmen and designers at Belgrade NIGHT MARKET

Address: Belgrade markets

Once a month, at sixish p.m. when it gets dark, one of the Belgrade markets reopens its gates. On this day the market stalls begin their second or, to be more precise, third shift. Imagine French cheeses and nougat, homemade pasta according to a Tuscan recipe, hot Mexican sauces, truffles, waffles and ginger biscuits and then imagine wine, craft beer, mulled brandy, German sausages and Czech spit cakes. Smells are wafting on all sides and you can’t tell which is more tempting.

belgrade unusual and unique places

However, it isn’t all about hedonistic overindulgence. You can also find a variety of creative things made by young designers and craftsmen on the tightly packed market stalls. The things you can find here include an assortment of jewellery made from metal, rope or clay, hand-painted pottery, T-shirts, shopping bags and socks, natural soaps and other cosmetic products, jack o’lanterns and wooden and glass figurines. In the midst of all this buzz is a makeshift bar where you can lean on the table and enjoy this colourful diversity with a glass of drink and music in the background. An out of the ordinary event that heightens all the senses!


Absolutely everything in the club PETAK

Address: Lomina 14

Petak is the most creative nook in Belgrade. Here you can listen to poetry recitals, dance, watch ballet dancers performing, see puppet shows about Old Church Slavonic mythology and find out about the project “Dosije Umetnik” which serves to promote the work of all kinds of artists by organizing exhibitions. In Petak, you can have a chat with film directors, journalists and writers. They also organize karaoke, table football tournaments, stand-up comedy and cooking competitions for charity.

belgrade unusual and unique places

Petak is the only snug and cosy place that simply oozes creativity. The best testament to this is an experimental play Laura, molim te with Nikola Rakočević in the role, which is also called a Facebook monodrama.


Circus and performance in MAGACIN KOD KRALJEVIĆA MARKA

Address: Kraljevića Marka 4-8

Magacin u Kraljevica Marka abounds in unusual things. Alternative theatres, such as Hleb and Mimart, regularly perform here. Circus is live in MKM! Acrobatics is live! Performance is live!

belgrade unusual and unique places

More than a thousand events take place here in the course of one year. Rehearsals, plays, literary evenings, exhibitions, performances, film projections etc. A lot of things that you see at other places in the city have previously been prepared, rehearsed and created here.

MKM is the last cultural asylum of migrants and other marginalized groups. Here you can often see them in the audience and have a chat with them. In order to inspire people to address them, the words of one of our citizens were written on the  entrance: “I was watching the show and occupied as I was, I didn’t even notice the migrants. Then I noticed a group of people and thought to myself: “YES, they’re refugees!”. As I walked past them I thought about them, I read in the papers about them and then I said to myself: “OK, the next time I pass by, I’ll ask them something.” But I’m very shy. I know, it sounds foolish, but I really don’t know how to explain it.”


Photography in Zoom art & photo studio

Address: Dobričina 76

Zoom is a concept that every fan of photography will like. The boundaries between professional photo shoots, photo exhibitions and a leisurely sipping of your drink are slightly blurred in this place.

belgrade unusual and unique places

Art & Photo concept was created by Ivan, Sandra, Andrey and Jelena, a quartet from Sankt Petersburg, who are seriously into photography and even more seriously into enjoying life! This is why every Thursday you can enjoy motion pictures on the same cyclorama that is used for photo shoots, as well as occasional bazaars of handmade knick-knacks.

If you’re a foreigner or you’re giving them a tour of the city, then the first-rate films and documentaries in Zoom are an excellent choice because they all have English subtitles.


Nudes in DRAWING ROOM studio

Address: Ilije Garašanina 9

Drawing in the presence of nude models can be found in many places on this list. As of late, they have their own address. Drawing room studio aims to create a community of professional artists, amateurs, enthusiasts, hobbyists and complete beginners with a simple idea to draw without supervision or any special assignments in a relaxing bar-like atmosphere.

belgrade unusual and unique places
by Drawing Room Belgrade

Every night a different model poses and admission is free of charge. You only have to bring your own drawing set and leave a tip for the model.


Gastronomy in KC Grad

Address: Braće Krsmanović 4

The European Centre for Culture and Debate is the product of a joint initiative of  Cultural Front Belgrade and the Felix Meritis Foundation from Amsterdam. It excels in musical, film and especially culinary events.

belgrade unusual and unique places
by KC Grad

The concept is simple. Experienced gastronomists from around the world come and prepare the meals. This year, Gil Hovav from Israel hosted a Humus night for the citizens of Belgrade. And, of course, there’s the traditional “Deli Monday”. Let’s make it clear, KC Grad is not a restaurant. Imagine this event as a school canteen but with much better food! Film days are especially interesting and they often entail the tasting of food from the country whose films are shown.


Places of cultural decontamination

There are many places in Belgrade where culture is well-cared-for and freely available every day. Often for free. If you ever get lost in the shallow and meaningless things in offer or you simply don’t know what you could do during the week, then we suggest that you visit these places. You’re bound to find something worthy of attention at least in one of them. After all, Belgrade is a city where more than two hundred events are organized every day.

If this isn’t enough for you, then you should go and visit cultural nooks that offer daily activities such as Parobrod, Dom Omladine (Belgrade Youth Centre), CZKD, Dorćol Platz, Baraka, Kvaka22

If even this fails to provide you with motivation to breathe in creativity and art that are all around us … then the hell with it! Maybe it’s not for everyone.