Best Vienna seats for New Year’s Eve countdown

Best Vienna seats for New Year’s Eve countdown

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You’ve all probably heard of the famous Prater in Vienna. Everybody likes to stop by or at least catch a glimpse of the great, theme-park atmosphere.

During the daytime you shouldn’t miss “Winter market at Riesenradplatz”, the heady scent of roasted almonds and mulled wine combined with wiener sausages and traditional apple pie.

But last year we tried something else and it proved to be an awesome experience. It was 15 minutes to midnight and we were leaving the flat that was a five-minute walk from Prater. Unsurprisingly, we were in quite a festive mood (read “drunk”), and our friends Marko and Suncica suggested we go to Prater. As we were entering the Northern gate, we spotted the Blumenrad wheel spinning. Last midnight ride for 5 euros. We ran like hell and hopped in at the last moment. It was a cozy ride…nothing special. 

But then midnight struck and all of a sudden, Vienna was on fire. 

 This is probably one of the few cities in the world that is literally surrounded by fireworks! In a few moments, the whole place started looking more and more like a warzone.  Some fireworks were very close to where we were sitting, which, of course, made the experience sooooo much better. Here is a video of the ride and fireworks all around Vienna.


Tips and trikcs:

  • Aim for the last midnight ride.
  • Do not get off easily, because the last midnight ride is unlimited. You can ride as long as you want. Probably not for 5 hours, but still…
  • It’s always better with friends.

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  1. duffelbagspouse

    That’s pretty cool to have 360 degree fireworks. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful night.

    13/03/2017 Reply